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Information on the Anderson Family was contributed by Mark Anderson

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The connections of the Anderson, Michael and Bennett families of Monroe Township.

Migrating from Edinburg New York came Marvin Anderson and Rhoda (Jones) Anderson. Having, what appears to be 8 children, one of which was George H. Anderson. George married Mary Curtiss in 1868 who migrated from Litchfield Connecticut) they had six offspring including Alfred L. Anderson.

Lester D. Bennett the son of Granville and Abigail Bennett migrating from West Virginia, which has been documented on the (Granville and Abigail Bennett) in the "Families of Monroe Township" on this website, married Bessie Mae Michael the daughter of J. Creed Michael of Randolph County West Virginia and later moved to Monroe Township. They had four children Jesse 1901, Earl 1905, Virginia 1908 and Maurice 1916. The other children of J. Creed Michael migrated to the Akron area.

Alfred Anderson married Amy Andrus and had a son Jay Anderson in 1905.

Due to the untimely death of Lester Bennett, at about age 46 in 1820, Bessie was with children of the ages of 4,12,15 and 19.

Due also to the untimely death of his wife in 1915 at the age of 35, Alfred Anderson was with son Jay at the age of 10 years.

In 1924 Alfred Anderson and Bessie (Michael) Bennett were married and had a son Francis in 1926. They lived on the farm which today is the Ramblin Rose Alpacas farm on Root Rd.

In 1927 (son of Alfred) Jay, married (daughter of Bessie) Virginia and the later had Alfred and Dorothy Anderson.

Currently there are many descendants of the Bennett/Michael family and there are many descendants of the Anderson/Michael family. If you look at the reunion pictures of the Bennett family in 1948 you will see some of the same faces in the picture of the Michael family reunion, which was about 1958.

But there are also many descendants of the Anderson/Michael/Bennett family. Some, of which, still live in Conneaut and some still live in Monroe Township. ie Jerry Anderson and Larry Carr (cousins) the oldest sons of Alfred and Dorothy respectively and their siblings and offspring.

Mary Shank Brydle


George and Mary Anderson


Lura and Clifford Anderson


Clifford and Lura Anderson


Bessie and Alfred  Anderson


Alfred Anderson


Mary and Charles Brydle



Bessie Anderson


Dorothy Anderson Carr Locker


Michael family reunion about 1958