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Bushnell House & Tombstone

Monroe Township, Ashtabula Co, Ohio

Located on Route 84 (Bushnell Rd) West of State Rt. 7
Built around 1823 by Sedgwick Bushnell who settled in this area about 1800.



This Photo was probably taken in the late 1880's.
Seated are Harley & Sarah Bushnell
Their 3 daughters and their husbands
Possibly  J.B. & Lucia Bushnell Hill behind Sarah


Above photo taken about 1914 by W. Hill


The house as it looks today.
The name Crooked Pine came from the crooked Pine Tree that was  West of the house at the bottom of the hill.  The tree was damaged a few years ago and had to be removed.

This Tombstone was placed in the frontyard by former owners of the home.  It was found while they were remodeling  - located under the porch propping up a step.  Whether this person is actually buried on the property somewhere or the stone was removed from some other location is not known. 
In the Monroe/Kelloggsville Cemetery records recorded on this site there is a Robert Reid supposedly buried in the cemetery and on his small stone it reads R.R. Born 1796 - Died 1833.


Mr. Robert Reid 
Who died Aug 3, 1833
in the 38th year
of his age
a father kind, a husband dear
a brother fond a friend sincere
in silence sleeps and ______here
_____it by friendships choices ____


I would like to thank MARIANNE GULLO for her contributions of photos and information to this web page.