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The First School was taught in a cabin owned by Colonel Moulton in the year 1805 and 1806.  Miss Laura Ford of Williamsfield Twp., was the teacher. There was 10 or 12 students.
The First School was a log building built in 1814 located at the end of Fox Rd. & State Rd., North of Kelloggsville. David Niles Jr. was the teacher. This was later replaced by a frame school building.
Monroe at one time had 12  one room schoolhouses.They were:

Monroe Center School (photo below & photo of children)

Vosburgh School - located on the West side of Rt. 7 just North of Root Rd.

Howard School - located on the Northeast Corner of Hammonds Corners Rd., & Rt. 7.  (Photo below)

Foster School - located on the West side of Middle Rd. just South of Hilldom Rd. (A tragedy happened at this school. Go to cemetery records and read about Andrew Bradnan).  (Photo below)

Dean School - located on the South side of Rt. 84 just West of Furnace Rd. 

Bushnell School - located on the East side Rt. 7 just south of Weaver Rd.   (Photos below)

Clarks Corners School - located on Hatches Corners Rd., East of Middle Rd.  (More Information about this school on another page.)

Hilldom School - (Photo below)

Kelloggsville  School was the only 2 room school house located at the corner of Monroe Ctr. Rd. and School St.   (photo below)

Turnpike  School - located on the West side of Stanhope Kelloggsville Rd. between Root Rd. and Hilldom Rd.

Hammonds Corners School - located on the West side of Middle Rd., South of Hilldom.

Townline School - located on Beckwith Rd. just East of Stanhope Kelloggsville Rd.

Teachers were also the Janitors earning 60.00 a month for teaching and 24.00 a year for janitor services.  The children were brought to school in wagons or Kid Hacks.

About 1937 the County School Officals made the decision to close all the one room schools in Monroe.  The students were going to be sent to Pierpont, Farnham and Kingsville.  Parents objected and circulated a petition to keep the elementary students in the township by building a new school.  Kelloggsville area cross-petitioned and kept the right to attend school in the Kingsville area.
Land located on Monroe Center Road was purchased for a small fee from D.W. Hazeltine and the school was built with Federal Aid at a cost of $40,000.00 dollars. 
MONROE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL opened September 1938. Arthur Hazen was the first principal and teachers were paid $1,000.00 for 9 months.
In 1956 the school board was faced with a decision because of the new Foundation Law to either merge with Lakeville or Pierpont School District or raise taxes to pay tuitions for students to go to the high school.  They voted to merge with Lakeville School District.  And much later Lakeville  joined the Conneaut School District.
In 1989 a decision by the Conneaut School Board was made to close Monroe School. 
Several generations of students went to this school and for 50 years it was the focal point of the Township. 

Monroe Twp. Map about 1870

Clarks Corners School

Any information that can be corrected or added to any of these photos would be appreciated. So if you have any knowledge of the one room schools or the students or know of someone who does please email me at

I do not know where School District # 7 would have been in Monroe. Unless all of Monroe would have been considered School District # 7.
If anyone would know please email me.



Teacher - Ella M. Slaughter
Ella was a graduate of Conneaut High in 1916 and attended the Normal School in Kingsville for her teaching certificate.
Dec 1919  she married Lewis W. Speer of Pierpont.
None of the students are identified, so if you recongnize anyone please email
Contributed by: Christene (Shimer) Wade,
granddaughter of Ella M. Slaughter Speer


One Room School House
It was located on the East side of State Rt 7, just South of Monroe Ctr. Rd.
It was directly across the road from the George Felch's store.


Monroe Center School
Approx.  1916
Tall girl in back row on left is Jessie Bennett, G-Aunt of Larry Carr.
Virginia Bennett, Grandmother of Larry is the first little one in white on the left,
third row from the back.
Earl Bennett, G-Uncle of Larry is in the first row, last one on the right.
Contributed by Larry Carr


Monroe School
Contributed by Mark Anderson


about 1921
Teacher - Mrs. Blakesley
I only have the names of a few of these children,
If you know any of them please email me.
1st Row - Third from right - Maurice Bennett
1st Row - Second from left - Harley & Howard Shank
2nd Row - 4th from left - Doris Dean
2nd Row - 1st from right - Bertha Simons, Ellen Simons, Ruth Richards
3rd Row - 7th from ??  - Howard (Doc) Dean


NW Corner of Hammonds and Rt. 7
Windows look different then in the Howard School photo below, according to John Bromfield,  most of the North windows were taken out and put on the South side so there would be more light in the building.  As told to Larry Carr.
Teacher is Margery Flack
(Top right corner wearing white hat)
She later became Margery Carr
Her Son, Elbridge Carr, was one of
Monroe Volunteer Fire Departments
Finest Chiefs
Elb Carr is Larry Carr's dad
The tall lad to the left is Jay Anderson
he is Larry Carrs Grandfather on his mothers side.
So his dads mother taught his mothers dad.
Contributed by Larry Carr



Located on the NW corner of Hammonds Corners & State Rt. 7
Teacher - Eleanor Bromfield
First Row From Left to Right
Glenn McMillian; Methel Van Skoit; Anna Hanni
David Shean; John Kuzma; Alex Sabo; Oscar Hanni; Margaret Kuzma
Elsie Sabo; Ethel Van Skoit; Ann Kollar
Fred Hanni; Paul Sabo; Bertha Kuzma; Olive Bacon
Contributed by:  David Shean Sr.


It was located on the South West Corner of Hilldom & Adams Rd.
Evelyn Estes has told me that she is standing on the porch,
and that this is Hilldom Road School.


Hilldom School 
April 1921
Notes from Howard Williams
The only person I can identify for sure is Katherine Lower who 
lived on Scribner Rd.

She is the tallest girl in the front row, 2nd from the right with the 
plaid dress.  Katherine is my mother's sister and married Howard Price 
of Conneaut.

Contributed by Howard Williams


Below are three photos of the Bushnell School that was located on State Rt. 7 just North of Bushnell Road on the East side.  They date from 1915 - 1917. 
 Any information on names or history would be appreciated. 




Kelloggsville School
The school was built in 1849, and burned down on March 26, 1935.  The photo was taken by a lady named Frances Weaver, sometime in the early 1900's.


Photo courtesy of the Maurice Braunbeck Family


This is a picture of the 1st grade class of the fall of 1936.
 From left to right
Julia Nixon,Robert Waid, Richard Simons,Gordon Gee and Doris Tuttle..
The school was located just south of Monroe center on the Gee Farm, across the road from Kate Felch's house
( Which is still there today 05/31/2009)
Contributed by Gordon Gee