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All Photos and Write up Contributed By Thomas Hale

 Ray & Pearl (Smith) Hale lived in the first house on the North side of Monroe Center Rd. right behind Bennet"s store (Emory Shob's @ that time, Not sure if the spellings right). They had 6 children , Richard (Dick) ,( Elwin & Ellen ) twins , Robert (Bob) & Twins Raymond & Royal were born in 1907, Royal died young of typhoid fever in 1920 .

Ray (Grampa) Came from Youngstown , Oh . Pearl was also from Youngstown . Ray worked @ The Nickel Plate Railroad , When he retired he worked in Jefferson @ the fair grounds . He used to bring me home baseballs & took me there to see the Elephants (the circus used to winter there).

Grampa (Ray) was born in 1880 Died 1961 . Gramma (Pearl) was born 1884 Died in 1959 .

Robert (my Father) & Geraldine (Smock) Hale lived in a little house about 1 mile west On Monroe Center Rd . Alvie Thompson lived there along time . Now Jim Jury owns the property . We lived there from 1946 to1950 , then we came back to Monroe in 1959 until 1964 . We lived in the third house North of Richardson Rd . Dave Passmore built the house .

Dad worked for The Nickel Plate Railroad since before WW11 . He lost his job when the roundhouse went out of Conneaut . He worked a few differrent jobs And we finnaly moved back into Conneaut . Into Gramma (Blood , Smock ) Dennis"s house .

My Mother Geraldine (Smock) Hale ,"Gerry" was born in Youngstown , Oh , (1915) ,came to Conneaut arround 1930 . Lived in Hadley , Pa. for a while . Robert was born in Youngstown in 1921 Died in 1998 . Geraldine was born in 1915 Died 2005 .

(Dick) Richard lived in the house on the corner of Weaver Rd. & Rt 7 . He Had two girls . Raymond lived in Conneaut Married to Lois , They ran the city bus until there wasn't one . Ellen lived in Ashtabula , she had two boys & one girl . Elwin lived in Parma Hts. , Oh , He had three boys & two girls . I am the son of Bob & Gerry , I worked @ Premix in N. Kingsville Almost 38 years , I am Married to Rosemary , that I Love Very much , I have a stepson Charlie , who is quite the character .

No relation to the Hales at Farnam.

Tom Hale

Raymond Hale 1890


Raymond & Pearl Hale 
 50th Wedding Anniversary



Back Row Robert, Ellen, Elwin
Front Row Raymond and Richard


Gramma, Betty & baby1940s


Rinny 1959


Pearl Smith Hale ~ Early 1900's


Raymond and Pearls Home
on Monroe Center Rd
Behind Bennett's Store


Grandpa Hales Cow


Grandma and Don 1947


Hale's 1990


Tom Hale 1948



Seated Raymond & Pearl

Standing Raymond, Richard, Elwin,

Ellen, & Robert Hale



Seated Raymond & Pearl

Standing Robert, Raymond, Ellen,

Richard & Elwin Hale


Raymond & Pearl with Grandkids



Tom, Grandma Pearl and Robert Hale1948


Militaty : Robert a. Hale , 35-051-405 , Tecnician Fifth Grade , U.S. Army , 907 Engineer Air Force Headquarters Co . 14th Air force . Honorably doscarged at Unit B Separation Center #45 , Indiantown Gap Military Reservation , Pa . on Dec . 30 1945 .    General : Retired  from Nortn Plastics , Conneaut , Ohio .          He served in the U.s. Army during WW-II and was awarded a Bronze Star for drivinig a 2 1/2      ton truck over the Berma Rd . into China .  He said " sometimes the road was so bad they had to have a bulldizer hook onto them to pull them out . "  he had " umpteen cases of beer he had bought and he    was going to sell in China  ,  but whenthey heard the war was over him and his friends celebrated drinking it all , ther went his profit .   When Bob's parents , Ray and Pearl Hale , were in their
 final years , and couldn't take care of themselves , they moved in with Bob and Gerry . Bob and Gerry took care of them until thier deaths . A lot has to be said for people who treat their parents this wonderful.
Robert Hale in Picture below


Tom Hale and his Mother Geraldine  1950


Tom Hale


Tom Hale at Grandparents 1951


Tom Hale 1961


Geraldine Hale  1961
Tom Hales mom



Robert & Geraldine Hales Home

Monroe Center Rd 1990s



Robert & Geraldine Smock Hales Home

On Route 7


Ellen Hale 1950's
at Raymond & Pearls Home
on Monroe Center Rd.


Robert & Tom Hale 1951


Hale Grandkids


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