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Monroe Township, Ashtabula Co, Ohio

Nagy - Osburn

Name                      Section      Lot       Grave

Nagy, Kathleen                          1A           25              6
Age: 65
Born: Feb 18, 1930 in North Girard, Pa
Daughter of: James F. & Winifred (Neil) Hall
Married: Richard G. Nagy - Oct 11, 1947
Residence: Chadman St., Conneaut, Oh
Died: Feb 22, 1995 at her home
Cause: Provisional
Interred: 2-27-95      Vault: Monticello
Permit #26      Reg. #402
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Nagy, Richard G.                      1A            25             5
Age: 60
Born: July 27, 1928 in Bedford
Son of: Edward & Anna Nagy
Married: Kathleen (Hall) Nagy - Oct 11, 1947
Residence: 3116 S. Ridge East, Ashtabula, Oh
Died: Nov 28, 1988 at Greenville Regional Hospital,
Greenville, Crawford Co., Pa.
Cause: Massive Cerebral Vascular Accident
Interred: 12-2-88
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh., Dir. Tom Smith
VETERAN: Served as a U.S. Army Paratrooper in Japan following WWII.

Nebel, Donald E.                        3             5E              4
Born: 1922
Died: 1946 in Washington, D.C.
Cause: Hodgins Disease
Interred: July 9, 1946      Permit #025      District #5119
Funeral Home: Roy A. Daniels, 15800 Detroit, Lakewood,

Nebel, Edward W.                     4              18              7
Born: 1918      Died: 1921
Grandson of: Charles G. Colegrove

Nebel, Grace L.                        3              5E             3
     nee Colegrove
Born: 188
Died: 1957 in Lakewood, Oh
Cause: Myocardial Lafarctim
Interred: May 10, 1957      Permit #257      District #1802
Funeral Home: Wm. R. Daniels, 15800 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Oh

Nebel, Joseph E.                        3             5E              2
Age: 85      Born: 1881
Died: Mar 7, 1967 in Geneva, Ashtabula Co., Oh
Cause: Broncho Pneumonia
Interred: 3-10-67       Vault: Premier
Permit #32      District #0403
Funeral Home: Lee Belding, Geneva, Oh

Neff, Christopher Jas.              14              29            3
Died: Oct 29, 1970 in Ashtabula, Oh
Cause: Provisional
Interred: 10-31-70      Permit #431      District #0401
Funeral Home: Jerry M. Zaback, Ashtabula, Oh
DENVER CANTER was buried in grave 3 in May 1967

Neff, Joyce Ann                        14             29
Buried in grave 2 or 3 on top or with others, info Irene Schlick
Age: Baby      Died: 1957 in Ashtabula, Oh
Cause: Probable Acute Broncho Pneumonia
Interred: Jan 25, 1957      Permit #25      District #0401
Funeral Home: Gordon A. Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Nelson, Iola Dorothy                  1              40             6
Age: 10 years      Born: 1921
Died: Aug 1931 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Streptococcus Infection
Interred: Aug 12, 1931      District #50
Funeral Home: Leo E. Cunningham, Conneaut, Oh

Nelson, Mayme (May)              1              40            4
Born: 1892      Died: 1948 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Coronary Thrombosis
Interred: 2-21-48      Permit #36      District #49
Funeral Home: Gordon Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Nelson, Otto                               1              40             5
Born: 1894      Died: 1941 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Carconoma of the Rectum
Interred: Aug 27, 1941      Permit #168-66      District #49
Funeral Home: Gordon Thompson

Neubauer, Eileen A.                 3A            41             6
Age: 48      Born: Oct 21, 1938
Residence: 515 S. Parrish Rd., Conneaut, Oh
Married Richard W. Neubauer
Died: Jan 26, 1987 in Hamot Med. Ctr., Erie, Pa.
Interred: 1-29-87      Vault: Monticello
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Neubauer, Richard W.             3A            41              5
Age: 69
Born: West Springfield, PA., September 13, 1935
Son of LeRoy and Ruth (Ceeder) Neubauer
He had resided in West Springfield and Conneaut area his whole life.
Mr. Neubauer was employed by the Erskine Trucking Co. for many years as a truck driver. In his early years, he worked for the Grow Fishery, and for the Hercules Packing Co. for 10 years. In his leisure time, he enjoyed fishing, camping and gardening.
Married to Eileen
Resided: South Parish Rd., Conneaut, OH
Died: August 6, 2005, at the Ashtabula County Medical Center.
Interred: August 9, 2005         Vault: Monticello      Permit 46      Reg 0402
Funeral Home: Thompson-Smith, Conneaut, Oh

Newton, Amelia R.                     3             11              4
Born: 1823      Died: 1880

Newton, Mary A.                       3              11             1
Born: 1850
Died: 1942 in Ashtabula, Oh
Cause: Cerebral hemorrhage
Interred: Jan 1, 1944      Permit #369      District #48
Funeral Home: John Ducro, Ashtabula, Oh

Nichols, Doris E.                       13              2              4
Age: 88
Born: May 6, 1910 in Monroe Twp., Oh
Daughter of: Albert & Mayme (Pitts) Courtenay
Married: W.A. Nichols
Residence: 3011 E. Center St., N. Kingsville, Oh
Died: July 19, 1998 at Hamot Med., Ctr., Erie, Pa.
Interred: July 22, 1998      Vault: Keystone Permit: PA
Funeral Home: Thompson-Smith, Conneaut, Oh

Nichols, William Adin               13              2               3
Age: 76
Born: Sept 21, 1916 in Bloomfield Twp., Pa
Son of: Rev. George A & Mayme (King) Nichols
Married: Lois Whitaker Raymond Nichols - Jan 24, 1956
Deceased 1974.
Married: Doris Courtney Risley Nichols - July 26, 1975
Residence: 9847 North Meadville St., Cranesville, Pa
Died: July 5, 1993 at his home
Cause: Probable Coronary Occlusion
Interred: July 9, 1993      Vault: Keystone Concrete
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh
VETERAN: WWII - serving in the U.S. ARMY with Co. A 719th Engineer Battalion in North Africa & in Italy in the European Theater. Discharged Dec 26, 1944 as a Staff Sergeant & was awarded the Purple Heart.

Northway, Alton                         11          17W           3       Potters Field
Born: 1890       Died: 1915

Northway, Estella I.                  1               23             7
Same as STELLA
Born: 1858      Died: 1924

Northway, Sherman A.              1               23             8
Born: 1843      Died: March 21, 1924
                   War Standard

Norton, Chester, L.                   3              7E            8
Age: 69      Born: 1898
Died: April 28, 1967 in Erie, Erie Co., Pa
Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis
Interred: 5-1-67      Vault: Wilbert Permit #44
Funeral Home: C.Wm. Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Norton, Letha M.                      3              7E             7
Age: 77      Born: 1894
Died: July 21, 1972 in Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Oh
Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis
Interred: 7-23-72       Vault: Wilbert
Permit #87      District #0402
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, OH

Noxon, Sarah                            7            14W            1
Born: 1805      Died: 1888

Nutter, Eileen G.                       1             25              3
Age: 74
Born: May 7, 1920 in Conneaut, Oh
Daughter of: Floyd & Golda (Evans) Cushman
Married: Woodrow W. Nutter - Nov 24, 1949
Residence: 337 Keefus Rd., Conneaut, Oh
Died: Jan 8, 1995 at her home.
Cause: Provisional
Interred: 1-11-95      Vault: Monticello
Permit #1      Reg. #402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Nutter, Eva P.  Deneve              1              25             7
Age: 80      Born: 1886
Died: 1967 in Hicksville, Defiance Co., Oh
Interred: March 11, 1967
Funeral Home: Evans, Hicksville, Oh
Cross Reference under DENEVE
DENEVE name on burial permit

Nutter, Irma J.                    2             43           5
Age: 89
Born: in Kelloggsville on January 12, 1917
Daughter of John and Angeline (Stevenson) Furmage
Irma had re-sided in the Conneaut-Kelloggsville area most of her life, until moving to Newark, where she had resided for the past eight years.
Mrs. Nutter was a member of Kelloggsville United Methodist Church and was an active member of the Ladies Aid at the church. In her leisure time, she enjoyed quilting, gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren.
Married to John Nutter
Resided: formerly of Center Road,., Conneaut, OH
Died: April 18, 2006, at Licking County Memorial Hospital in Newark, Ohio.
Interred: April 24, 2006        Vault: Monticello        Permit 17        Reg 0402
Funeral Home: Thompson-Smith, Conneaut, Oh

Nutter, John Frank                       2           43            6
Age: 78
Born: Mar 4, 1911 in Paulding, Oh
Son of: John & Eva (Paxon) Nutter
Married: Irma (Furmage) Nutter
Residence: 696 Center Rd., Conneaut, Oh
Died: Oct 8, 1989 at Brown Memorial Hosp., Conneaut, Oh
Interred: 10-31-89      Vault: Wilbert Monticello
Permit #106      District #0402
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Nutter, John T.                           1             25             8
Born: 1867
Died: 1933 in Kelloggsville, Oh
Cause: Fractured right femur & Infection
Interred: May 13, 1933      District #49
Funeral Home: Gordon Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Nutter, Phyllis Marie                1             25               5
Born: 1931
Died: 1938 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Rheumatism of Heart
Interred: April 15, 1938      Permit #166-37      District #49
Funeral Home: Gordon Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Nutter, Robert                           1              25             7
Age: 78
Born: Aug 8, 1921 in Kelloggsville, Oh
Son of: John & Eva (Paxon) Nutter
Residence: Paducah, Ky.
Died: July 1, 2000 in Paducah, Ky
Interred: July 10, 2000      Cremation
Funeral Home: Milner & Orr, Paducah, Ky

Nutter, Woodrow W.                    1             25              4
Age: 82
Born: Oct 2, 1912 in Paulding Co.
Son of: John & Eva (Paxon) Nutter
Married: Eileen (Cushman) Nutter
Residence: Keefus Rd., Conneaut, Oh
Died: Jan 30, 1995 at his home
Cause: Cancer
Interred: Feb 2, 1995      Vault: Monticello
Permit #16      Reg. #402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

O'Brien, James E.                        1A             41          1
Age: 61
Born:  June 9, 1941, in Ashtabula, Ohio
Son of:  Harry O'Brien and Martha (Crowley) O'Brien Weitz
Married: Donna (Lewis) O'Brien
Residence: Center Rd., Monroe Twp., Ohio
Employed in the maintenance department of SCM, Ashtabula, he retired after 34 years. He was a member of the Monroe Sportsman Club and the NRA. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, trap shooting and woodworking.
Died:   Feb. 26, 2003, at the Ashtabula County Medical Center.
Interred: 3/3/03            Vault: Monticello       Permit #9       Reg #0402
Funeral Home:  Thompson/Smith
VETERAN:  U.S. Army Stationed in Germany.

OConner, Emma A.                    4              1E             4
Age: 80
Born: Aug 31, 1920 in Conneaut, Oh
Daughter of:Roy R. & Mona Belle (Richardson) Allen
Residence: Conneaut, Oh
Died: May 22, 2001 at Ashtabula Co. Nursing Home, Kingsville, Oh
Cause: Massive MI
Interred: May 25, 2001      Vault: Monticello
Permit #33      District #402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

_odard, Emily                            6             2W            2
another letter possibly here?

Ogren, Bessie L.                      13            15             5
Age: 78      Born: 1900
Died: Mar 29, 1979 in Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., Oh
Cause: Provisional
Interred: 4-2-79      Permit #14       District #0402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh
VETERAN: War Marker

Ogren, Lt. Jack A.                    13              15             6
Born: Mar 21, 1921
Died: June 14, 1943
Interred: 3-20-48      Permit #60      District #49
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh
VETERAN: Military Marker & War Standard

Below is an email I received from Colin Benson in Australia who researched the military history of Lt. Jack Ogren and others.

G’day / Hello, Jen,

You may be pleasantly surprised by who I am and why I was browsing through your excellent web site – Monroe Township, Ashtabula, Co, Ohio.

 So, here’s a brief account…


Colin “Col” Benson

Mackay, Queensland, Australia

(Tropical north east coast of Australia – if you have Google Earth, enter ‘Mackay, QLD’ to find my location)


 2/Lt Jack A Ogren, a WWII soldier (actually an airman) from Kelloggsville, who rests in your cemetery, was killed in the crash of a US warplane at Bakers Creek, Australia. That is about six miles from where I live, in Mackay.

 Jack was the navigator – one of six crew - on a flight returning GIs to their units in New Guinea after they had spent 10 days “R&R” in Mackay. The plane crashed on Monday June 14, 1943, soon after take-off from Mackay. Forty of the 41 GIs aboard were killed.

 On May 11, 1992, the Bakers Creek Memorial was unveiled in a small park about 1km / mile from where the plane crashed. From that day onwards, the Bakers Creek crash story has been a major part of my life.

 After the unveiling, I noted that only the names of six crew and the sole survivor were known and said to three persons involved in some way I was chatting with – sister-in-law of the survivor, a former mechanic who worked on the plane, and a former pilot whose squadron lost four men – that I would find the rest of the names.

 I didn’t realise that I had bitten off more than I could chew!

 After writing to Australian archives as well as the US Army, the US Air Force and the Smithsonian, I learned that none of those had any records! Outside of Mackay, very few knew about the crash. A letter I wrote to the Smithsonian found its way to a retired airman in Texas. Teddy Hanks had learned of the memorial being built at Bakers Creek through an article in the (Texas) Wichita Falls Times Record News about the sole survivor who lived nearby. Independently, in 1992, Teddy (now deceased) and I had begun researching the crash to uncover what others had been unable to do. My letter was a link that bound us until Teddy died in early 2005. After three years, mostly through Teddy’s efforts and persistency in dealing with officialdom, I had the complete list of names. I then operated a machine re-engraving them on the reverse side of the Roll of Honour that was re-dedicated on the anniversary, 14 June 1995.

 I have organised annual commemorative ceremonies at the Bakers Creek Memorial since 1995; and was the prime mover of 60th Anniversary events in 2003 when 24 “Bakers Creek Pilgrims” arrived from the mainland USA and 17 US military personnel came from the 5th Air Force in Japan. The US Air Force did a fly-by in a C-130 Hercules over the Memorial – one of my initiatives.

 Teddy Hanks and I soon realised that the GI’s families weren’t told of the circumstances of the crash. Except for the mother of Corporal Marlin Metzger who wrote many letters to the War Department demanding an answer, families were only told their loved one died in an aircraft crash in the South West Pacific. A few had learned a little more from returning GIs, but not the complete details. So, we began to trace the families to tell them the circumstances, and the GI’s graves. That has proved very difficult! In the first 10 years, we traced about 15 families. Since June 2003, with the help of Charles “CK” Gailey, a retired US Army officer, we have taken that to 39 families. The family of Frederick C Sweet from Michigan (Interred in White Chapel Cemetery, Oakland County, MI, possibly March 1948) remains elusive.

 On Christmas Day 2003, through CK’s efforts, after a 10 year search, I made contact with Jack Ogren’s youngest brother, Wayne Ogren, in Bremen, Georgia. The family had lived in Kelloggsville where Jack was interred, in March 1948. We only ever knew that Jack Ogren came from Ohio. After finding no Ogren listed in your local telephone directories, CK searched the Internet and found Wayne Ogren with a picture of a little red tractor, and his contact details. A phone call soon confirmed the Ogren family had been found.

 Jack’s niece, Connie Dana (Wayne’s eldest daughter), who was still living in Kelloggsville, held a little ceremony at her uncle’s grave on my behalf on 25 April 2005 – Australia’s ANZAC Day, similar to Memorial Day. Connie played a tape of my daughter singing national anthems of Australian and the United States, and draped an Australian flag over her uncle’s headstone. Regrettably, photos Connie took that day were misplaced during processing. However, a few months later after she had moved to Georgia, Connie returned with her father and they took photos of Jack’s grave with the Australian flag.

 I have met with Wayne Ogren and wife Belva at commemorative ceremonies, in Washington, DC, in June 2006 and June 2009 during trips I made for commemorative ceremonies and to meet with friends made through this wartime tragedy. America’s Bakers Creek Memorial was unveiled beside the National WWII Memorial in 2006 and dedicated in 2009 after being moved to Fort Myer, adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery in June 2009. The costly privately funded memorial was finally accepted by the US Army after several years of wrangling during which time it was housed at the rear of the Australian Embassy in Washington (Australian soil!) with the grace of the Australian Ambassador.

 During a holiday trip in the USA, last month, (July 2010), I was able to stay overnight with Wayne and Belva at their home in Bremen, Georgia. The following morning, their daughter, Connie, was able to come to meet me as well before I departed with a friend I was accompanying from Kentucky to Florida.

 Many of the family relatives of those GIs – sons, siblings, nephews, nieces and cousins - have become close friends; and I have visited some of them at their homes. One of my long held goals has been to visit the graves of the 41 GIs aboard that plane. Thus far, I have visited seven in California (1), Pennsylvania (2), Arlington National Cemetery Virginia (2) and the most recent, in Clay, western Kentucky.

 While on a flight from Washington DC to Louisville last June, my flight transited through Cleveland. Regrettably, I couldn’t disembark and make a pilgrimage to Kelloggsville to visit Jack Ogren’s grave like I later travelled about 400 miles round trip from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, to visit the grave of Sgt Leo Fletcher, in Clay and to meet with his three nephews and a niece.

 Jack Ogren, his fellow crewmen, and as many as 30,000 – 40,000 American GIs, created a lot of goodwill when they spent their leave in Mackay to get away from the war and the conditions in New Guinea they thought were the worst on Earth. Before the USS Cole was blown up in the Gulf, Mackay often hosted sailors and US Marines from US warships on their way home. I arranged for crew sailors marines from several warships to visit the Bakers Creek Memorial and to pay respects to their fallen warriors. When the CO of USS Juno made a symbolic handover of a Texas flag to our mayor to fly from the Memorial, he did so on behalf of the then Texas Governor – George W Bush. The GIs came from 23 states, including Texas. As well as the Stars & Stripes, USHome State” flags are paraded during each annual commemorative ceremony.

 I have been to the USA on five “US Memorial Tours”, in 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010. This year, I also stayed a few days in Lancaster, Virginia, with a niece of crewman Frank Whelchel from Lyons, Georgia. Peggy and her husband marched in our 2007 ANZAC Day parade when she carried a Georgia flag for her uncle.

 I have strong connections with your country. In 1969-70, while in the Royal Australian Air Force, I served alongside US airmen in Vietnam. In 2001, I was made a Kentucky Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky; in 2002 appointed by the Commander as an Honorary Colonel of the US 5th Air Force along with three American veterans; and in 2003 received two US Congressional Awards for remembering and honouring US Warriors. Amongst those awards, I was also made a Confederate Air Force Colonel for one day! I’m one of the few ‘ordinary’ individuals to have met the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (Gen Ryan) in his Pentagon Office. I’ve had several generals as friends, met with and corresponded with several high ranking officials, but my feet are firmly planted on the ground!

 Hopefully, I can return again and one day visit Jack Ogren’s grave. With sufficient time and planning, I’m sure Wayne and Belva would accompany me. 


Ogren, Oren A.                         13              15             4
Born: Mar 17, 1898
Died: Oct 5, 1954 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Bilateral Broncho Pneumonia
Interred: 10-8-54      Permit #108      District #0402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh
VETERAN: Military Marker & War Standard

Ojajarvi, Martin T.                       4A              40             5
Age: 81             Born:  September 29, 1921 in Conneaut, Ohio
Son of:  Charles V. & Liisa (Sammalisto) Ojajarvi
Married:  Vivian (Peck) Ojajarvi
Residence: Harbor St., Conneaut, Oh
A lifelong Conneaut resident, he was a graduate of Conneaut High School and was a WWII veteran of the US Army.  He retired in 1983 after 19 years of service with Lawler Inc./Carlson Steel.  He was a member of State Line United Methodist Church; Loyal Order of Moose, Lodge #472; and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post #2836.
Died:  September 22, 2003 at ACMC, Ashtabula, Oh
Cause: CVA
Interred:  10/9/2003
Cremation        Permit # 842
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Ojajarvi, Vivian                         4A              40             5
Age: 83
Born: July 27, 1915 in Andover, Oh
Daughter of: Raymond & Cora (Litwiler) Peck
Married: Martin Ojajarvi
Residence: 5740 Dibble Rd., Kingsville, Oh
Died: April 9, 1999 at Ashtabula Co. Nursing home, Kingsville, Oh
Interred: April 16, 1999      Cremation Permit #27
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Olah, Arpard J.                           9            7E             8
Born: 1908      Died: 1948 in Lakeville, Ashtabula Co., Oh
Cause: Malignant Melanoma
Interred: Mar 21, 1948      Permit #62      District #49
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Olah, John                                  9              7E              4
Born: 1875
Died: 1949 in Monroe Twp., Oh
Cause: Cerebral Hemorrhage
Interred: Nov. 13, 1949      Permit #164      District #49
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Olah, Mary                                9             7E             5
Born: 1881      Died: 1958 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Cerebral Hemorrhage
Interred: July 17, 1958      Permit #92      District #0402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Olah, Michael                           9               7E             7
Age: 75      Born: 1902
Died: Jan 5, 1978 in Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Oh
Cause: Massive Sept-Emboli
Interred: 1-9-78      Permit #83     District #0402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Olekshuk, Charles                    14             38             6
Age: Baby      Born: Dec 14, 1956
Son of: John & Shirley Olekshuk
Died: Dec 16, 1956 in Ashtabula, Oh
Cause: Congenital Heart Disease
Interred: Dec 17, 1956       Permit #406      District #0401
Funeral Home: William Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Olekshuk, John                         14             38             2A
Died: Jan 13, 2001
Residence: Tandem Health Care, Fla
Interred: Aug 21, 2001      Cremation

Olekshuk, Lucile E.                  14             38              4
Age: 83               Born: December 20, 1919 in Monroe Twp., Ohio
Daughter of: Daniel & Lucia (Taft) Hazeltine
Married:  Paul Olekshuk - September 6, 1947
Residence: Center Rd., Monroe Center, Monroe Twp., Conneaut, Ohio
A Lifelong Monroe Twp. resident, she was a 1937 graduate of Conneaut High School.  She and her husband, Paul, owned and operated Paul & Lucile's General Store on Center Rd., Monroe Twp, that they had purchased from her parents in 1950, until their retirement in 1983.  While operating the store, she loved to dress up at Halloween, and was noted for giving peppermint sitcks to children and weighing babies for their parents.  She was a member of the Monroe United Methodist Church for seventy five years, where she was a liturgist, and loved telling stories to the children.  She was also a member of the United Methodist Women, and was active in the former Monroe P.T.A.  She was a member of Marina Rebekah Lodge #628, a charter member of the Monroe Junior Grange, and a member of the former Monroe Grange #1555.  She enjoyed bowling, latch hook, dancing & travel.
Died:  May 19, 2003  at the Ashtabula County Nursing Home in Kingsville.
Cause: Alzheimer
Interred:  May 22, 2003          Vault:  Wilbert
Permit #29                 Reg #0402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Ohio

Olekshuk, Mary                       14              38              2
Age: 82      Born: 1895
Died: July 29, 1977 in Warren, Trumbull Co., Oh
Cause: Provisional
Interred: 8-1-77      Permit #33      District #0402
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh., Dir. Tom Smith

Olekshuk, Michael Nick           13            38             1
Born: 1895      Died: 1953 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Congestive Heart Disease
Interred: Aug 9, 1953      Permit #92      District #0402
Funeral Home: Gordon Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Olekshuk, Thomas W.             4A              29             4
Age: 17
Died: Jan 21, 1977 - D.O.A. Lake Co. Mem. Hosp.
Painesville, Lake CO., Oh
Cause: Provisional
Interred: 1-24-77      Permit #4      District #0402
Funeral Home: C. Wm. Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Olin, Betty L.           1            39           2
Age: 88
Born: January 3, 1917 in Youngstown, OH
Daughter of Glenn H. and Bessie L. (Eaton) Branch
Betty grew up on the family farm on Brydle Road in Kingsville and graduated from Kingsville High School in 1934. She attended the Kingsville First Baptist Church as a child.
A homemaker early on, Betty was an excellent seamstress, creating identical outfits for their three daughters. She was also active in the North Kingsville School PTA during her children's elementary school years. Later on she was an Avon representative and then a Stanley Home Products demonstrator for over twenty years, sometimes putting on as many as ten or more home parties a week. She received many awards for top sales and made many lasting friendships throughout the tri-county area through her Stanley salesmanship. She and her husband, Bob, owned the Flamingo Lounge in Ashtabula for 20 years, until their retirement in 1982.
Betty loved animals, especially her two Pomeranians. She was also an avid reader and loved to crochet, and did so up until her illness. Her favorite past-time was shopping! After retiring, she and her husband traveled extensively, especially to Branson, MO.
She was a member of Orion Chapter #12 Order of Eastern Star, and also was a former member of the WOTM, Conneaut Chapter #86.
Married to Robert L. Olin on April 6, 1937 in Ripley, NY.
Resided: formerly of North Kingsville
Died: July 4, 2005, at Park Haven Home where she had resided since 1998
Cause: Cardio Respiratory
Interred: July 7, 2005
Funeral Home: Ross/Billman, Ashtabula, Oh

Olin, Robert L.                           1              39              1
Age: 77
Born: April 27, 1917 in Saybrook Twp., Oh
Son of: Youngs & Viola (Large) Olin
Married: Betty (Branch) Olin - April 6, 1937
Residence: West Center St., North Kingsville, Oh
Died: Sept 1, 1994 at his home
Cause: Provisional
Interred: 9-6-94      Vault: Monticello
Permit #301      District #401
Funeral Home: Ross, Ashtabula, Oh

Olin, Russell H.                          3               43              5
Age:  88                 Born:  1914 in Ashtabula, Oh
Residence:  Orlando, Fla.
Died:  June 1, 2003
Interred:  7/30/2003              Cremation

Olson, Luella R.                        4               44              1
Born: 1924      Died: 1925

ONeil, Bert Fredrick                3               43              3
Age: 75      Born: 1905
Died: Oct 20, 1980 at Waterman Memorial, Eustis, Fla., Lake CO.
Interred: 10-24-80
Funeral Home: Steverson, P.O. Box 557, Tavares, Fla

ONeil, Millie S.                          3              43             4
Age: 78      Born: 1894
Died:: Nov 6, 1972 in Tavares, Lake Co., Fla
Interred: 11-10-72      Vault: Monticello      Permit #736
Funeral Home: Hermon Steverson, Tavares, Fla
Funeral Home: Ducro, Ashtabula, Oh

Onion, Carl                                 5                39             5
Born: 1897       Died: 1960 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Massive Pulmonary Embolism
Interred: Nov 4, 1960       Permit #149      District #0402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Onion, Edgar                              5               39             1
Age: 62      Born: 1867
Died: 1929 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Mocarditis
Interred: Mar 4, 1929      District #49
Funeral Home: Chas. Marcy & Son, Conneaut, Oh

Onion, Edgar                               5              39             6
Age: 65      Born: 1910
Died: Dec 5, 1975 in Mayfield Hgts., Cuyahoga Co., Oh
Cause: Provisional
Interred: 12-8-75      Vault: Wilbert
Permit #46       District #0402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Onion, Edgar Walter                 10             6E            7
Age: 69
Born: Mar 13, 1919 in Monroe Twp., Oh
Son of: James & Ruby (Hill) Onion
Married: Arlene (Bennett) Onion - for 46years
Residence: 3989 Route 193, Sheffield Twp., Oh
Died: May 17, 1988 at his home.
Cause: Provisional
Interred: May 20, 1988      Vault: Monticello-Wilbert
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Onion, Emma                             5               39             2
Born: 1870      Died: 1914

Onion, George A.                      5               1E             4
Age: 77
Born: Feb 10, 1918 in Monroe Twp., Oh
Son of: James & Ruby (Hill) Onion
Married: Ana (Borwn) Onion - March 14, 1953
Residence: 149 Marshall St., Conneaut, Oh
Died: Sept 29, 1995 at Brown Memorial Hosp., Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Pending
Interred: 10-3-95      Vault: Keystone
Permit #91      Reg. #402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Onion, James                             5             1E              1
Born: 1889      Died: 1957 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Acute Coronary Occlusion
Interred: Sept 5, 1957       Permit #99      District #0402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Onion, James                             7         7center          8
Born: 1838      Died: 1913
HUSBAND on stone

Onion, Jennie                             7         7center          6
Born: 1862      Died: 1884
DAUGHTER on stone

Onion, Joseph                            7         7center          1
Born: 1806      Died: 1882
FATHER on stone

Onion, Mary                               7        7center          7
Born: 1840      Died: 1917
MOTHER on stone

Onion, Osborne Otis                 5               39             4
Born: 1902      Died: 1955 in Lakeville, Oh
Cause: Probable Natural Causes
Interred: Oct 22, 1955      Permit #44      District #0400
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Onion, Robert A.                       5              1E            2A
Age: 80
Born: Mar 31, 1920 in Conneaut, OH
Son of: James & Ruby (Gates) Onion
Residence: McDermott, Oh
Died: Oct 20, 2000 at Woodland Care Center, McDermott, Oh
Interred: Nov 9, 2000      Cremation Permit #982
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Onion, Ruby A.                           5             1E             2
Born: 1891      Died: 1928

Onion, William                            7              7               4
Born: 1864      Died: 1921
SON on stone

Onion, William G.                      3              2E             8
Born: 1930      Died: 1939 in Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Sore Throat, Rheumatic Heart
Interred: Nov 4, 1939      Permit #167-145      District #49
Funeral Home: Chas. Marcy & Son, Conneaut, Oh

Oroszy, Darlene P.                   4A              5               3
Age: 16
Daughter of: Julius "Rock"& Doris Oroszy
Residence: Sweet Rd., Monroe Twp., Pierpont, Oh
Died: June 24, 1971 at Hamot Hospital, Erie, Erie Co., Pa.
Cause: Cranial - Cerebral Trauma - Results of  an auto accident on Hammonds Corners Rd. Just West of Sweet Rd. Thrown from car, died enroute to Erie.

Oroszy, John                             3A             5               5
Age: 76      Born: 1904
Died: April 30, 1981 in Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Oh
Cause: Provisional
Interred: 5-4-81 date permit was issued
Permit #51      District #0402
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh., Dir. Tom Smith

Oroszy, Julius H.                       4A             5               1
Age: 73
Born: Jan. 7, 1930, in Elyria
Son of:  John and Rose (Mesa) Oroszy Sr.
Residence: Sweet Rd., Monroe Twp., Ohio
Mr. Oroszy had lived in the area for most of his life. He was employed by the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., retiring as head of maintenance. He operated J.O. Tire Sales and Service for 15 years.
Died: March 2, 2003, at his home in Monroe Twp.
Cause: Urosepsis
Interred: 3/6/03        Vault: Monticello     Permit #11      Reg #0402
Funeral Home:  Thompson/Smith

Oroszy, Rose                             3A             5              6
Born: Sept 22, 1904
Died: Oct 20, 1983 in Erie, Pa.
Cause: Temporary
Interred: 10-24-83
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Osborn, Franklin J.                  10            3W              6
Age: 9 yrs. 5 mos. 9 ds.
Died: April 17, 1857
Son of: J.O. & M. A. Osborn

Osborn, Fred                              4              43               5
Born: 1915      Died: 1951 in Jefferson, Oh
Cause: Suicide
Interred: May 1, 1951      Permit #16      District #49
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Osborne, Edward E.                  2A            25             4
Age: 73
Born: June 10, 1914 in Cleveland, Oh
Married: Martha (Henkel) Osborne - July 20, 1935
Residence: 4725 Stanhope-Kelloggsville Rd., Kingsville, Oh
Died: April 1, 1988 in Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., Oh
Cause: Temporary
Interred: 4-5-88      Vault: Monticello Wilbert
Permit #19      District #040
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh., Dir. Tom Smith

Osborne, Martha                      2A            25             5
Age: 74
Born: June 14, 1913 in Erie, Pa
Daughter of: Henry & Amelia (Melzer) Henkel
Married: Edward Osborne - July 20, 1935
Residence: 4725 Stanhope-Kelloggsville Rd., Monroe Twp., Kingsville, Oh
Died: Sept 24, 1987 at her home
Cause: Temporary
Interred: 9-26-87      Vault: Monticello
Permit #37      District #0402
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh., Dir. Tom Smith

Osburn, Andrew W.                    4             43             8
Born: 1868
Died: 1934 in Kelloggsville, Oh
Cause: Carcinoma of Stomach
Interred: Jan 28, 1934      District #49
Funeral Home: Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Osburn, Elsie D.                          4              44            7
Age: 81
Born: Dec 31, 1915 in Conneaut, Oh
Daughter of: Eli & Emma (Reece) Lawrence
Married: Harry W. Osburn Sr., - Jan 5, 1933 - deceased 1992
Married: Edward L. Osburn
Residence: North Monroe Center Rd., Kelloggsville, Oh
Died: May 24, 1997 at Brown Memorial Hosp., Conneaut, Oh
Cause: Respiratory Failure
Interred: May 28, 1997       Vault: Monticello
Permit #41      Reg. #402
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh

Osburn, Gladys                         4               43            4
Age: 86
Born: 1898 in Kendron, WVa.
Residence: 9174 Market St., North Lima, Oh
Died: Mar 30, 1984 in North Lima, Oh
Cause: Acute Heart Failure Coronary Arty.
Interred: 5-25-84      Cremation      Reg. #4708
Funeral Home: Davis-Velker, 4996 Market St., Youngstown, Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Osburn, Harry W. Sr.                4             44             8
Age: 83
Born: July 6, 1908 in Kelloggsville, Oh
Son of: Andrew W. & Olive B. (Grove) Osburn
Married: Elsie D. (Lawrence) Osburn - Jan 5, 1933
Residence: 4319 Plymouth Ridge Rd., Kingsville, Oh
Died: May 2, 1992 at Brown Memorial Hosp., Conneaut, Oh
Interred: 5-7-92      Cremation      Permit #9936
Funeral Home: Marcy, Conneaut, Oh
The Osburn Family moved to Kelloggsville in 1904

Osburn, Olive B.                       4               43            7
Age: 96      Born: 1873
Died: Nov 4, 1969 in Rock Creek, Ashtabula Co., Oh
Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis
Interred: 11-7-69      Vault: Wilbert
Permit #22      District #0402
Funeral Home: C.W. Thompson, Conneaut, Oh

Osburn, Wayne                          4              43              6
Born: 1892      Died: 1913

Kelloggsville Cemetery Records

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