Monroe Township, Ashtabula Co, Ohio

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Past & Present History

 The first road was made by a surveying-party in 1798. The first settler was Colonel Steven Moulton, he settled in 1799 near the Corner of Monroe Ctr. Rd.
& Plymouth Ridge Rd.  
Monroe was organized in 1818 and named Monroe in honor of
President James Monroe.
Monroe Township originally only came to Rt. 84 , the land North of it began as Salem Twp., later changed to Conneaut.  On July 4, 1818 the settlers of Monroe annexed the 2 miles from Rt 84 to the present Conneaut line.  This makes Monroe the largest township in Ashtabula County being 7 miles in length and 5 miles in width. 
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More History on Monroe not found on this site can be found in
 by the Williams Brothers 1878
by Ashtabula County Genealogical Society 1985

Ganyard House

Located at 2524 Sweet Rd. In Monroe Twp.
In Photo: 
Pluma Ganyard in Chair, her daughter,
Julettie Ganyard Brainard to the right
Julettie's 3 children, Wilma on the left, Bobbie & Ester


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